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Creation Date: 2003-07-23

AltSci3D Manga Director


To run a demo of AltSci3D Manga Director, you need two packages: AS3DMD and the AS3DMD data. To develop your own Manga (unlikely), you just need the binaries and your own data. The beta versions work for me, but I'm not guaranteeing anything until it becomes more solid. the old stable ones can actually make manga for certain, but the problem is that as AS3D progresses, they will go far out of date. The worst thing about that is that the data format you are using in 4.12 may not work for version 4.20. While I don't plan a lot of changes in the data format, it has happened before and is possible to happen again. If anyone actually uses an old one, I'll personally update your data format to the new one. If you want to start going, I suggest version 4.20. But just in case you know that the old stuff works, the stable 4.19 is there.

If anything here is windows, it would be all version 4.11, since that one is the new AS3D ported to SDL. The only two parts that are not correct for Win32 are: time calculation (easy to fix, but important) and font which is there but untested. If you're a Win32 developer, ganbatte-yo.

I'm shifting everything over to right now, so hold onto your hat. Everything is now available on the Source repository! You need to download all the packages that are currently there. When I upload the newer versions, I'll tell you what you should do. If you'd like to see more source, e-mail me at and I guarantee a response.

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